Sunday, 30 January 2011

Natural Migraine Alternatives

I have produced an ebook which includes many ways to prevent and treat migraine, without the use of medication and drugs. The video below tells you more about it.

To learn more about the book, and sign up for a short mini-course on one aspect of migraine prevention, visit:

Monday, 8 March 2010

Health risks of migraine

Health risks of migraine: If you want to annoy a migraine sufferer, the fastest way to do it is to make li..

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Stop the Migraine Madness

This blog will be continuing on a new site I've added! Do join me....

Stop the Migraine Madness Blog

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

The Economic Impact of Migraines

A recent study conducted by IM Consulting in Falls Church, VA, USA considers the burden of migraine in the US. There is a major economic impact made by migraines, and it affects everyone in the country on some level. Millions of Americans are migraine sufferers, usually during what should be the most productive period of their lives. This in turn has an impact on the value or quality of daily life, and works its way out to impact the workplace and economy as well(1).

Under-diagnosis and use of nonspecific medications keep migraine from being taken seriously as a chronic health condition, and employers as well as individuals pay the price. The average yearly cost of treatment for a migraine patient is $2,571 - and the employer has to carry not only some of that burden but take into account the lost productivity of the affected employee. The consequences for self employed individuals are even more severe(2).

Migraines disrupt not only the lives of the migraine sufferers, but the lives of the people around them; the employers, families, friends and many others. It has been suggested that migraines can be considered a never-ending and even possibly an evolving disease.

Consider the wasted time that the migraineur has to deal with—not only work time, but personal, too. Not only is their work efficiency shot—and this affects their relationships with their employer and their co-workers—but any downtime that they might have scheduled is also lost.

As the migraines continue to occur an unsympathetic employer may view the affected worker’s dependability in an extremely poor light. This affects their desire to keep the employee on, or even give a decent reference in good faith, knowing of the difficulty.

In the meantime, the sufferer fights an uphill battle just for diagnosis and treatment - which can be costly, and without insurance may be impossible to obtain. Even with the newer treatments available, many victims of migraines still are out of commission a large amount of the time.

Doctors and hospitals having to write off bad debts because of high unreachable costs is a prime example of why migraines, diagnosis, documentation, treatment and the ability to work can turn into a vicious circle. Finding reliable ways to diagnose, treat and control migraines of all types is the only way to help minimize their economic impact.

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